Ding Dong.

I am a big fan of counting down. There is always something to look forward to, and the daily humdrum of working and paying bills is so much easier to cope with when you have something fun coming up.

For me, it’s usually travel, or someone coming home from overseas. Then there are birthdays, parties, concerts, comedy gigs.. always something to fill the gaps.
Lately it has been harder for me with Dave being gone, family issues here and there, and the uncertainty of what I will be doing with my life in the next year or so. I spend a lot of time thinking and planning the next excitement, and usually spend many hours watching DVDs or reading to allow myself to sleep without letting these excitements keep me awake!

As of today, I am expecting my friend Tim home in 4 days. There are 9 days until a big group of us goes to see Bill Bailey live in Welly. And then there are just 20 days until we leave for London.

I get back from the UK October 8th, and I have no idea what will happen then. Not a lot to look forward to, and a whole stretch of new time without Dave. I guess the countdown will begin again: counting down to my leave before Christmas, to 2009, to my not-yet-confirmed move to Scotland.

I wonder if there’ll always be something more exciting than the now. I only know that my time with Dave is going to be fairly precious, and it’s hard to believe that it’ll be it for another 4+ months.

I think I need to post tips on surviving a long-distance relationship…

2 thoughts on “Countdowns

  1. My three tips are:- Make time for communication, no matter what. If you're no longer talking/sending pictures/writing emails, then its easy to just gradually lose what you had.- Never forget that the other person cares as much about the relationship as you do. Trust is half of it and all.- Always have something to give them that noone else can have, whether that be time & attention, or merely naked pics 😉 Seeing as everyone around you can meet you while they can't, that can suck pretty bad. So they need to feel they're still getting something over everyone else. Well, I do, at least.At least that's how it works for me. It's all about mindset, in the end. Course, everyone's different.

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