Well then. Huh.


Life.. life continues to stump me. Mere hours after my last post, about the happiness of my day, my mother bursts into my apartment to tell me that my auntie has passed away. I’m holding plates in both hands from the dishwasher, and I just look at her and wave them around, blinking. I hug her with plates in my hands. I don’t know what to say.

The week has been tough so far. The service is Friday.

I’ve had someone die every 6 months or so for the last.. I’m losing track of years. I can’t stand it. It sucks.

But for some reason, life continues to chug on around me. I continue to work ridiculous days, get chores done, plan for my UK trip in 4 weeks. Some things are on auto-pilot.

But there are those times when I’m alone, and I’m just flabbergasted. Blown away. Who could have seen this coming? We were so sure it was, and then she was good, and then she was gone…

It also seems more and more definite lately that I’m going to be packing up my life again next year and moving to Scotland. I couldn’t have seen that coming, either. My life has become impossible to predict, and slightly ludicrous at times.

At the moment, I’m just rolling with it.


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