Things that make me happy today


1. Finishing up my essay on time.
2. Being another .5kg down!
3. Paying only $3 for parking.
4. My new camera! Fujifilm Z10FD. Bought at $219 as it was ex-service (but barely even touched), and returned with the wrong manual.
5. Dropping my Rarotonga underwater films in finally.
7. My course folder being returned! In my letterbox today. My pretty, pretty black leather folder.
7. Researching tattoo ideas.
8. The adorable little Muslim girl on the Vespa scooter following me home.
9. Dave.
10. Making lemonade. My last week or two weren’t so great, but this one is going to be better. And after a gift of a bag of lemons, it’s lovely to now make lemonade, both literally and figuratively. Tasty, too.

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