I get a little warm in my heart..


Light of choice.

So 2008 gave Wellington a really great summer. And now it’s trying to match that with the opposite kind of winter. Brrr.

Not that we’ve got snow on Cuba, mind you. The temperatures have been low, the lowest I’ve caught has been a 3C morning, but it hasn’t dropped below that here. But we’ve had high winds, pouring rain, hail, fog and well, more high winds. We’ve been hit by several storms, the next one apparently is just to the left of our little nation, and apparently bigger than the entire country.

Right now, despite the cold, I have my curtain open so that the lightning can, well, light my room up. And the thunder is fun. The heater is definitely staying on, though (and I’m glad I use a laptop in case the power goes out. Oh no wait. That buys me another half hour). Also, judging by the count, the storm is getting closer.

Things have been okay around here. The closer it gets to my UK trip, the more exciting things are. The current plans for London involve: Brazilian restaurants where you pay by the kilo, free museums, The Church (a club, not a house of worship, though we will be very fond of booze) and introducing my best friend to my boyfriend. Whee.
Scotland involves: Laziness in Edinburgh. Not-so-laziness in Edinburgh. Drinking. Meeting friends. Meeting D’s mother (!). Travelling to Stirling to see the castle. 3-day side trip to Inverness to see Loch Ness. Roselyn Chapel. Distilleries. Underground ghost tours.

And Dave. My lovely Dave. I can’t believe I’ve been without him so long. People ask me all the time how we’ve done it. And all I can really say is great communication. Trust. Honesty. Commitment. And well, love.

Tonight’s plan is to finish an essay, watch some X Files and attempt to write the next episode post, because damnit, I’m going to finish them. And some others tomorrow, I suspect.

Stay warm! (or cool!) stay dry! (or.. wet!)

Stay gold, ponyboy.


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