Things that are driving me insane right now.


1. I have my laptop back, but it still has a few teething problems. It’ll get there.

2. I really want to get those X Files posts up, and a post about the film which I saw (!) 3 days ago.

3. I miss Dave. With a vengeance. For the first 14 weeks? Hard but tolerable. The past few days I’ve been hating it. Hate hate hate. Hurts. Sucks. Makes me cranky-girl.

4. I’m cursing myself for taking on this business course. I want to do it, but the words are all such management-speak that my head is spinning. First assignment due Friday.

5. I have to wear my glasses the now – my eyes are kinda infected and need a rest from contacts.

6. Allergies. Run out of allergy drugs.

7. Being on my own 90% of the time.

8. My neighbours. Upstairs they stamp, run up and down the stairs and slam their door. Downstairs throw parties every Saturday night, yell at each other and generally misbehave like the teenage punks they are.

9. Tired. Tired tired tired. Stupid earlies. No sleep. Too busy. Mess everywhere in the bedroom.

10. I miss Dave. Did I say that yet? Scotland is 6 weeks away.

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