XF Top 12 – #11 and #10


11.Dod Kalm. (Season 2, Episode 19)

Underrated, barely ever mentioned, and usually overshadowed by Ice (below), Dod Kalm is one of my favourite episodes as I believe it really puts M&S in a tough, bizarre and dire situation, and like Ice, there’s a large element of tension from outsiders, all fighting for survival. I love the Norse legends mentioned, the bizarre aging, Scully trying to save Mulder with sardine juice and water from a snow-globe, and the terrible guest cast actors.

I also love seeing these characters outside of their element, in another setting, and the recurring event of Scully following Mulder to some insane place for some strange case always makes it an interesting episode! And she is very willing in this one. She almost believes..

Memorable quotes:
Mulder: I always thought when I got older I’d maybe take a cruise somewhere. This isn’t exactly what I had in mind. The service on this ship is terrible, Scully. (she smiles) It’s not fair. It’s not our time. We still have work to do.
Scully: Mulder… when they found me, after the doctors and even my family had given up, I experienced something that I never told you about. Even now it’s hard to find the words. But there’s one thing I’m certain of. As certain as I am of this life, we have nothing to fear when it’s over.

Scully: … Among Halverson’s belongings, I found a children’s book of Norse legends. From what I can tell, the pictures show the end of the world – not in a sudden firestorm of damnation as the Bible teaches us, but in a slow covering blanket of snow. First the moon and the stars will be lost in a dense white fog, then the rivers and the lakes and the sea will freeze over. And finally a wolf named Skoll will open his jaws and eat the sun, sending the world into an everlasting night. I think I hear the wolf at the door…

Honourable mention..Ice. (Season 1, Episode 7)

A beloved episode, Ice has our agents stuck in the arctic, trying to uncover what made a team of scientists go crazy and kill each other. It’s full of suspense, has some interesting worm effects, and the guest cast is a lot stronger than Dod Kalm, and the agents check out each other’s necks in a very sexy way. Well. The fans find it sexy. We search for sexy in everything when it comes to Mulder and Scully.

10.War of the Coprophages. (Season 3, Episode 12)

This episode has always been one of my very favourites. It’s so very MOTW (Monster of the Week), but has humour as well as the usual dose of suspense. One of the great things about X Files is the lighting (or lack thereof), and camera work, and this ep definitely makes use of well-angled torches and some interesting camera perspectives.

But aside from the technical, we have an episode about cockroach-related deaths. Random, but well-done: we get cute Mulder/Scully phone moments where Mulder is trying to convince Scully to join him (well until he meets ‘Bambi’), we see Scully at home for a great deal of the episode doing tasks like cleaning her gun (!), washing the dog (with a shampoo called “Die! Flea! Die!”), eating dinner, watching TV.. and even eating icecream from the tub at her computer – this will never really be repeated. Then of course there are great quotes (see below), Scully being jealous of Dr. Berenbaum, Mulder typing on a blue-screened computer at the end (and smacking it when it fails), Shirtless!Mulder, and of course the brilliant moment when a cockroach crawls across the camera, to make the viewer feel that they are, indeed, taking over. There is also a brilliant moment of chaos in the drugstore, which eventually leads to everyone running out leaving Scully alone, eating milk duds and studying the road map she came in for.

I worship you, Darin Morgan.

Story from the set: Kim Manners apparently was attempting to ‘direct’ the cockroaches. He gave them a little pep-talk before the shot he was attempting, asking them to run over the top of a toilet bowl on “action”. On action, they ran over it at once, perfectly completing the shot. He is the roach whisperer!

Memorable quotes:

Mulder: Look, Scully, I know it’s not your inclination but… did you ever look up into the night sky and feel certain that… not only was something up there but… it was looking down on you at that exact same moment and was just as curious about you as you are about it?
Scully: Mulder, I think the only thing more fortuitous than the emergence of life on this planet is that, through purely random laws of biological evolution, an intelligence as complex as ours ever emanated from it. Uh, the, the very idea of intelligent alien life is not only astronomically improbable but at its most basic level, downright anti-Darwinian.
Mulder: Scully.. what are you wearing?

Scully: Are you sure it wasn’t a girly scream?

Mulder: Bambi also has this theory I’ve never come acro…
Scully: Who?
Mulder: Doctor Berenbaum. Anyway, her theory is…
Scully: Her name is Bambi?
Mulder: Yeah. Both her parents were naturalists. Her theory is that UFOs are actually nocturnal insect swarms passing through electrical air fields.
Scully: Her name is.. Bambi?

Bambi Berenbaum: Should I come along with you?
Scully: No… this is no place for an entomologist.

Honourable mention..Humbug. (Season 2, Episode 20)

Ahh. Sideshow freaks. Scully eating a cricket (in the show she spits it out, but in Real Life she ate it). Gruesome deaths. A detachable siamese twin! Mulder with his foot up on a step, looking oh so dreamy..

Sorry, lost concentration. It’s a really fun episode, and another Kim Manners great.

More eps tomorrow, folks!


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