Dear Dandan.


Well I’ve been busy lately, I know. I think I let you slip away a bit too far, and apart from talking about you to Dave a few months ago, I’d not thought much about you lately.

I feel kinda slack about that. I know that in a (rather major) way you no longer exist, but I don’t want to forget that you did, or that you still have a place somewhere. I feel like I lost you years before you left us, so it feels like a very long time since we’ve talked.

Rita’s paintings are back on show, and I think you’d really like the way they’ve done it. It’s free and very comprehensive, and it flows well. I’d love you to see it. There’s a painting of Quentin that Sam resembles so much, it’s eerie. And then there’s a painting of Douglas that made me smile, as all I could see was you, and then after it was pointed out, Daniel. Funny how the men in the family all seem to resemble each other so closely, or start to become their ancestors.

Andy and I are going to the UK in September, and I’m spending some time in Scotland – I’m excited. It seems like the start of the next part of my life, where I live over there for a little bit; in your history, and have new experiences. I don’t know whether you’re aware of us down here, but Dave is living there without me and it has been rough without him. I’d have loved for you to have met him, and teased him, and I still wish that you could see me now, now that I’m grown. Almost.

The family are good – Becky’s kids are growing fast, and Daniel seems to be doing well in London. I’m looking forward to seeing him.

I hope that you have returned somewhat to your old self in the past few years. I know the time in the home was really tough for you, as it was for me, and my only wish is that you are back to fighting form and pulling tricks. I know that that’s how you are in my head: not sick, old and sad, but cheeky, strong and full of wit.

Well. I promise to talk again soon, and not leave it so long next time. There’s so much to catch up on, I forget how much things change in so short a time.



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