New connections


It feels good to be writing again. I’ve spent so much time trying to settle into this new life I’ve given myself that I’ve forgotten my need to write; it’s not a want or an obligation, but a need to be expressing myself.

To start with, the songs are coming again. I sit down at the keys for an hour or so, and usually come up with 3 or 4 ideas to expand on. I am aiming to keep Operation Melody running again this year, but I’m finding that I get a little sidetracked with covers projects, re-recordings of old tunes, and new ideas that keep coming into my little brain. I’ve had a lot of emotional inspiration lately. I went to the US to send some friends home and reconnect with someone very important to me, and things went well, but things are open-ended. I hope to return within the year, as I’m sick of missing people. One of the worst parts of life, I think, is missing people. It may be a “small, small world”, but to me it just feels far too big.

Love is chasing me around so far, which feels a bit like 10 phones starting to ring in a room that has been mostly silent for 3 years. I am getting back into the dating game, and forging new relationships. I feel I am definitely ready, but I have to take time to enjoy all the little moments that come when you are learning someone new.

I think religion is going to take a big focus this year, as well. While I usually keep these things to myself, I want to make this a really spiritual year. I’ll keep you posted.

I have so much to expand on! So many little side-projects to amuse myself with. I’m looking forward to it. Now if I can just catch up on the 2 tracks I should have online by now…

And to start with, let’s change that old header!

We’ll talk soon.


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