Year in Review


2007 was a crazy year.

January started, unfortunately, with grief for my grandfather. I was unemployed, but reasonably happy — I wanted some space for me. I settled into my parents’ new place and mooched for a while. I remember doing a lot of sleeping and writing and reading.

I decided then that 2007 would be a year of new beginnings; a year for me. It kinda worked out that way.

February I stepped back out into the dating world. While nothing really became of it, it was good for me to push myself back out there and take some risks. I spent some time up north with family and reconnected. I started studying New Zealand Sign Language. I started temping. Dream went up in Eastbourne, and we received good reviews.

March brought with it a new job and new challenges. I started the long commutes each day to the airport, with my shifts beginning anytime from 5.30am to 10pm. I adjusted to the uniform, hours and check-in system quite quickly, but I had a lot to learn.

April brought my birthday, more work training and the departure of the Burkes. I felt a little lost. At 23, what was I? Who was I? Where was I going? Dan was home briefly. I started to put big payments on my maxed credit cards, to hack away at the debt.

In May Neha left, Tim moved to China – it seemed my friends were all bouncing around the globe. I went to the gym a lot. I decided to start a songwriting project.

I launched Operation Melody in June. I started off slowly, with crappy equipment, and grew to enjoy putting time aside each week to write and post. Some fun suggestions started to come in. I started to come out of a depression that I previously couldn’t shake.

July brought with it some health issues, some serious, some not. I had some surgery, I took some rest time, I came through okay. Sarah-Rose talked of going to San Francisco on her way back to London from her NZ visit later in the year, and I jumped on the bandwagon. I started going to Film Festival flicks.

In August work was keeping me busy. I went up to a higher payrate. I called Randolph in the US and proposed visiting him. He very much approved, so it was decided.

September I went to Melbourne with Christopher, and we went to Tori twice. It was glorious. Then my January US leave was approved, and I danced many dances of JOY.

October ended badly, with a supervisor losing her head at me on a rough shift. But earlier in the month, after quite a bit of searching, we secured our apartment. I wrote Writing Me, one of my proudest compositions to date. And X Files 2 was CONFIRMED!

In November Rachel passed away. The shock of it hit my family hard, and her service was truly a special, if not harrowing, event. November also brought Tim home for a visit. We reconnected a little. I had forgotten how it felt to have him here.

And then on December 1st, I moved into a new apartment, with Andy, one of my closest friends for the last 10 years. We decorated, got a lot of coffee, ate a lot of pizza and spend most of the time being jokingly offensive to each other. It is working so far. I injured myself more than usual (trapped hand in door, fell down steps). I booked my flights within the US, which made things seem a little more real. Sarah came home. (I rejoiced).
And I made a conscious decision to finish my conversion in 2008. I set aside an area at home for my Jewishness, and intend to throw myself into the process as soon as I can.

2008? BRING IT ON.


Posts to come:

Kat’s Travel Tips
Judaism stuff
Musical Thoughts
X Files updates!

Happy Holidays, everyone. Be safe. Be happy. I hope 2008 is awesome for you. I think we all need a good year.

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