Hello my friends.


How are you? How is your life going?

I have been keeping busy, as per usual. The last few weeks at work have been 4am or 5.45 starters, and that takes its toll. The 4ams have me home anywhere from 1030 to 12, which is great, but I don’t exactly feel like using the rest of my day for anything but lazing.

I do a lot of writing, and ended up buying a bunch of expensive audio equipment last week, which I used for Operation Melody Week 7 to some success – I need to learn a little more about how to work everything.

My nieces have been visiting a fair bit, and I enjoy that as long as I still get some time off to laze around and/or write. Tomorrow I’m using my day to re-record a few pieces that got corrupted in my software crashes, and hopefully clean up upstairs a bit, as I can’t think with too much mess.

In other news, my health has been up and down, and skin cancer called, but I told it to go on home again.

I’m gonna have a bath. Write again soon. xx

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