Latest loves


A post of things I am really enjoying lately:

Regina Spektor – Like many on the planet right now, I am loving Regina’s latest musical offering, Begin to Hope. I have been compared to her in the past, which is very flattering. She has an adorably-appealing voice and very catchy wee songs. I personally love the very easy on the ears On the Radio, am quite entranced by Samson (even more so after a friend mentioned that it reminds him of me), and of course, the fantastic Fidelity. It’s definitely worth listening to.

Other music worth mention: Robyn’s Konichiwa Bitches, Good Charlotte’s new album Good Morning Revival (who I never thought I’d be recommending, ever), and I am loving the soundtrack to Music and Lyrics, though it is probably nowhere near as entertaining if you haven’t seen the film yet.

XKCD – A great webcomic. I suggest you read them all, starting at this one. There are lots of geeky jokes along the way (plenty I don’t understand, but I have geeky friends to ask).

Gala Darling – Gala is actually an old friend of mine from primary school (ages 5-10), and I’m catching up with her on Sunday afternoon at her Wellington brunch. She is an excellent writer, and I am loving her blog and sense of style.

Angel – I’ve been a Buffy fan for years, but never really watched Angel. I’ve now decided to go for it (Joss Whedon shows rule, after all!) and it’s coming in on my Dvd Unlimited service (like Netflix). Which brings me to..

DVD Unlimited – How great are these DVDs-to-your-door services?! I can finally catch up on all these TV shows and films that I’ve missed over the years.

And speaking of Angel, I am rather obsessed with Bones. It’s the new X Files, yet it has its differences, so it’s not a copy of any kind. There’s no supernatural activity, but the show does center around medical forensics/the FBI, and the chemistry between the two main characters is undeniable. It’s rather addictive. The characters are very appealing in their realism, and there are many amusing moments as well, to break up all the death and well.. bones.

And last but not least, Twitter. It’s a great way to communicate and I love being able to post and receive updates on my mobile phone at any time.. though I’m not sure that my sometimes 5am notes are appreciated by those who get my texts. Join up! I am gypsy_nz.

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