3, 2, 1, blast off!


Number of bobby pins in my hair today: 12

New ladders in my pantyhose: 3

Planes I touched: 4

Hours spent learning about Dangerous Goods: 4

Seats on an Airbus A320: 144

Number of days left in initial training: 46

Dernier of regulation pantyhose: 15

Can you tell I have a new job? I’m only 3rd day in, but soon I’ll be checking bags and taking boarding passes and making those annoying calls over and OVER for Mr JONES WOULD YOU PLEASE COME TO YOUR GATE (YOU TWAT).

I’m currently shadowing people and trying to learn as much as I can. Highlights of today include:

  • Passing my dangerous goods exam and adding another card to my passes
  • Spending an hour on the tarmac, where I ended up meeting new faces
  • Lowering the trebble! (cargo lift/rollers vehicle)
  • Driving the push-back vehicle (pushes the plane away from the gate) – well, back and forth in a line, without a plane, of course.
  • Standing underneath (and touching, of course) the Airbus A320.

I’m loving it so far, and I’ll let you know more when I’ve been there longer. But I think I’ve struck a gold job.

(Apologies for my absence of late, another new post this weekend!).

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