Cats and Kats.


What you would hear if you were here right now:

Kat: Shadow. Shadow. SHADOW. SHADOW. SHADOW! Get AWAY. No. Get. Gah. Get away! Away from the laptop. AWAY. Okay. Stop dribbling on my laptop. Please. Yes. I know. Meow. Yes. Where’s your brother?

Since we moved, the two cats have adjusted in different ways. Shadow’s cool. She’s all good, man. She knows where she lives. She wants you just to chill, dude.
Mutley, the old white/tabby cat, escaped shortly after we moved in, and after panicking and flyer drops, he sauntered on home 2 days later. He then did it again, after we repeated that entire process. He’s oh so nonchalant about his little adventures.

And he’s done it again. Only this time, I’m the only one at the house, and I’m refusing to panic. Or tell my family. (Don’t tell them.)

I am convinced he will return on his own, yet again. And he has 3 days to do it, so hopefully he won’t be long. Or he won’t exact revenge for cooping him up for a week. I was oh so careful with what area of the house he was in with what windows were open, and I was very careful with visitors and when I cleaned out the litter tray, etc. But. In cooking dinner tonight I really needed the window behind the stove open to vent (as it’s not all working yet), and thought that he wouldn’t be likely to escape that way, as the stove was hot on all surfaces. At the time. But yeah, these things cool, and when I searched around tonight, wondering how the hell he was out (as usually he’s upstairs with me by now), I saw the window. D’oh. I’ll keep you updated.

On Kats- well, just the one.. I am doing okay! 2007! Yeah! Is that enough enthusiasm? There is really very little happening right now. Tim came back for a short visit, so that was great, despite him being one of the most frustratingly great people I know. I am still unemployed, I am still writing tons of songs, I am still sleeping at random times and feeling pretty lazy in general. I will get a job! I’ll just.. take my time. You know. Mooch a little more.

(I’m kidding. I hate it.)

But the plan right now is to keep the house nice, unpack, read the job section, see friends. I am trying not to stress about it, at least for this week. My next card payments are due at the end of the month, and I’ll be selling CDs and DVD boxsets to cover one card, and relying on some holiday cash/goodwill of my father to pay the other. I’m out of contacts and most toiletries, but my mother is good that way. All I am covering right now is my dinner at night and making sure I have a little fun with friends every now and then.

I made a decision mid December, while I was on a long drive back from Martinborough in the darkness. I decided that 2007 is the year for new beginnings. For friendship and fun. For music. For writing. For playing and singing and laughing.

For me.

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