All liquid, all the time


(The EP launch went great, thanks for asking. Go buy one. Run along. Thanks.)

So my Last Office Monday Ever started with the fun-ness that comes with detox.

I ran into a family friend on the weekend – a naturopath. We talked a while about each others’ families, and then about my health, and then well, about my trip.. and it somehow came up that I’m well, not terribly regular at the moment and it gets way worse when I travel long-distance.

So. She’s put me on a detox.

In other words, a liquid diet.

I asked if it was really a good idea, as I’m flying on Monday. She seems to think that it’s the Best Timing Ever, and is getting me to drink the liquid til Friday, drink fruit juices only on Saturday and then fruit juices and soup on Sunday, sipping them so that my body isn’t too shocked. Then on Monday I can resume eating healthy food. She said it will really clear out my intestines, my colon, flush my organs.. anything that’s blocked up or not functioning should right itself. It also should help food cravings, allergies and joint/muscle pain. And apparently after the first 2 days I won’t feel (as) hungry or light-headed. I have to call her tonight and then Wed and Friday, and then on Sunday night if I remember to tell her how things went.

She also wants me to record how many 200ml glasses I drink a day, my weight, any complaints that come from it. So..

Detox, Day One:

1/10 glasses so far
Complaints: only hunger!

I am not doing this for weight loss.. that would be a bonus, but it’s really to clear it all out, and hopefully on Monday I won’t get any issues when I fly. I think I can do it! (But that’s because I’m only my first morning in. Ask me again tomorrow.)

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