Mmm bubbles.

I love bath time. I barely ever take them, but it seems like such a luxury when I do. When else, other than sleeping or using ‘the facilities’, can you be relaxing completely alone?

In the bath it’s just me and the water and the misted-up mirrors, and I can think and be alone in my skin. I can’t tell what I look like, other than my red knees and my sparkly navel and toes poking out at the other end. I don’t talk to anyone or think of anything complex. I contemplate shaving my legs, but usually end up talking myself out of it until tomorrow’s shower. I lie back and feel my hair splay out into the water and run my fingers through it, as it always feels so soft underwater. It’s much easier to wash now it’s short, but I must admit that I miss the feeling of having long tendrils of hair surround your head and shoulders when you lie down in the bath.

I spend 2 hours getting my fingers pruney and getting colder before I get out. Lately I’ve been taking the piano stool and my laptop in there and watching X Files or Red Vs. Blue episodes, so I average around 2 XF eps in the bath. I guess I get little dirty thoughts of having Mulder in the bath with me.

But the world is shut out. The room and water are warm and comforting. I feel relaxed and get sleepy. I feel that none of my problems really matter. That I can get out and go to sleep and not stress. And I climb out, put my robe on, tidy up and slide into bed with the laptop and write entries like this.. about my bath. Riveting stuff.

A side note:
When running a GIS for an image for today’s entry, I came across this gem. Careful, it may burn your retinas or make you spray your coffee across the room.

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