Health issues


Friday morning my mother called out to me as I was getting ready and asked me why I wasn’t getting my blood tests before work. I explained that I had Payroll to run, but it put the idea of taking the afternoon off in my head. I decided fairly early in the day that I would take the afternoon, and talked to a few managers about it, before leaving a message for my own manager on her cellphone.

After racing around and getting everything processed (and going through some snore-inducing training), I left work around 12.30 and headed home. I watched TV, feeling like I was dying of hunger: so hungry I could have taken a bite out of the couch. My mother called at 1 and asked ‘how things went’ and as she was supposed to be going with me for support/the ride, I was a bit upset that she had misunderstood. She agreed to meet me soon, but was meeting Carol for lunch, so it might be half an hour. It was an hour, but I coped.

The tests were over in around 2 minutes – she asked me questions (exciting ones, such as “What’s your date of birth?”, which to be honest, confused me for a few seconds before I answered) to keep my mind off of it, but I still winced as the needle went in and counted the seconds in my head until it was over. She must have taken 4 or 5 vials of blood.. guess they needed a lot for all that Alan ordered.

After, we went to Wholly Bagels, and I had my first food of the day. A bagel with salmon, cream cheese, tomato, lettuce.. we also treated ourselves to slices and I had a mocha, Ma a hot chocolate. We talked about thyroid conditions and metabolism and how we had to both work hard to look after ourselves. If I have the same condition that she does, hypothyroidism, I’ll have to work extra hard to keep in shape.. I won’t be one of the lucky ones in that respect.

Saturday we picked up the treadmill and I helped my father assemble it in the hallway (well, I read the instructions), and we all had a brief walk on it. My mother was a little discouraged, as she thought it made her walk funny and thought that you could just “walk normally” on a treadmill. I am still puzzled by that comment.

Sunday I had my first real go on it, and spent an hour walking my way up to 5.5k/hr, then 6.. then finally running at 7.5 for a few minutes at a time. It was a strange rush, like I needed to get it out, and I enjoyed it. I was wiped out afterwards, but didn’t mind so much, as I have trouble sleeping most nights.

Monday aka Last Night, I did another hour, setting my own program of speed and incline, and pushing myself past that burn and into a full-blown sweat. I felt so accomplished afterwards.

I think I can do that every day. Who knows how well it will work in the timeframe we have, but I am damn glad to have it.

As for the blood tests, well, those will come back in the next few weeks. And if there’s something I need to be doing or changing, we’ll work on that. For now it’s just one day at a time. I am used to being tired. But it’d be nice if there was a reason why.

Thanks for those of you who mailed about the video post. It seems almost melodramatic, looking back on it, but I don’t really mind. I just sat there and talked, not thinking about whether or not I was sounding articulate or down.. sometimes you just have to talk. The next one will be chirpier, I promise.

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