We live our lives supported by connections. Emotional connections. Physical connections. Spiritual connections.

I am connected to music created by myself and others by emotion.. the emotion that stirred me to write it, the notes others sing that push me to write.

I am connected to others by the moments we share, the puzzles we solve, the things they do or say only for me. Have you ever stopped to think about why people are in your life?

I believe everyone you meet is for a reason. Whether they are there for a while for good reasons, or rough times.. or whether they breeze through just for a brief period and show you something about yourself you didn’t know was there.

Sometimes they stick around and become friends that soon you realise are invaluable, and you wonder just what you did before you knew their names and saw their faces and read their words.

Some leave us too soon, and break our hearts. Some continue to hang around and break us, but the pain is important as it makes us feel something deep. We know that it’s important to push on, even when the chance of getting hurt is there. Your stomach flips and your throat aches, but it’s the most alive you’ve felt in years.

And the best ones open us up to possibility. We learn so much from them, and teach them as we go. They make us feel invaluable, special and wanted. They make us feel needed. They plan days or evenings around us, and tease us about our obsessions or strange clothing choices. Words get caught in the throat in laughter and racial/religious insults are thrown around in jest, as they are the only ones we’ll let tease us for our choices, lives or stereotypes we fit.

We flirt and push each other until our mouths twist into cheeky smiles and toes tap. Your normal, small, closed smirk becomes a broad pink-cheeked smile. You realise that they’ve made you feel whole, just for that moment. You feel thankful to have a love like this, and wish you could express it without ruining the night and making it awkward.

Friends are the family you choose.

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