Work work work


Laundry time.

I get a lot of satisfaction out of domestic chores. It’s just getting started that’s the problem.

I look at my house lately with all the piled up washing, living room clutter and kitchen smears and sigh. It frustrates me and I have a burning desire to clean. But I have no time or energy to do so.

Last night I had a wee soiree at home. And we made quite a mess. I spent today doing dishes, cleaning the kitchen, doing the washing, sorting out the mess Finn’s made on the lawn and vacuuming. I feel like quite the domestic woman. And of course, there’s the constant looking over my shoulder, making sure the dog isn’t destroying the rubbish or choking on plastic. That makes me feel rather maternal as well!

Life has been so eventful lately that time has been passing in a blur. I haven’t been able to write much at all, or even touch the piano. The EP launch party isn’t finalised, and I worry that people are going to lose interest if I don’t get that sorted soon.

My parents get back from their whirlwind trip of Europe+Egypt on Wednesday, and I’m looking forward to it. I have a strong bond with my family, and my mother and I are especially close. I feel empty when she’s not around, like something is missing. It’s strange not talking to her everyday.

Tomorrow is filled with more chores, like sorting my bedroom, putting away the clean laundry and moving some of my own things back into my bedroom. I’ve taken over the house and made it my own, and I’m trying to remember how everything was put when they were here. It’s easily remedied, but I don’t want Ma to have to stress about things like that when she’s back.

I better get some sleep. The days are flying by, and I need to start working to fit more into them. I need to put more of a focus on music, and start trying to make progress, rather than trying to fill in my time with relaxing and sleeping. It’s like a cup I can never fill – I’m always tired. I need to stop worrying about changing it so much and just work with it. It’s been nearly 5 years since I got sick and I’m still working through that.

I hope you’re all well and trying to make the most of your days. I’m looking forward to the sun returning for good. I’m sure it’ll help my energy.

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