Shake shake shake.


Mmmmm booze.

Well, after a 24-hour intensive course that involved a bit of alcohol consumption, a lot of sting-inducing lemon squeezing and a bit of shaking ice around, I am officially a bartender. I even have a certificate that says so. And I belong to the NZ Bartenders guild! [insert geek joke here].

Add that to 2 days (including one long night) of jury service, and I’m pooped (I refused to put ‘duty’ and ‘pooped’ in the same sentence there – are you proud?). But the government kindly gave me today and Friday off, so I appreciate that. I am glad to be here.

I’d like to thank Finn for not barking all night, my street for not being too flooded, the kind folks at work for not noticing my tardiness this morning, and Berocca, most of all, for giving me back my “b-b-bounce”.

2 thoughts on “Shake shake shake.

  1. i commented on your lost puppers entry below too…but, for the record, I prefer my Kamikazee’s Straight up, and with 2 limes to squeeze in myself.Oh, and in a regular glass versus a foofy martini glass.. HATE those.cheers! B

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