God bless TV show DVD releases


Oh the sexual tension.

No matter how late I get home, I always have to have a half hour of cooldown. I have to watch mindless television or listen to music or watch a DVD to settle my brain and be able to sleep.

Lately Finn and I have a new ritual before bedtime. After we have watched TV together (he is quite taken with Buffy – he sits and stares, with his head cocked on one side quite adorably), I take him down to his bed, speaking to him softly. He knows that “na naes” means “get in your cage, pup”, but he likes to muck around a little first.

I pull all of the bedding out of his cage, promise to wash it for him, put all back in neatly (while he tries to go in.. like I’m going to bed with him). I put his bed toy in there, and maybe a bottle for him to chew, and move him towards it, but he nuzzles me instead, paws my lap and tries to sit in it. He used to do this as a puppy, but as a fully-grown labrador, this isn’t quite possible anymore. But he tries. And we have our cuddle and our nuzzle and he smothers me with love. How can you not melt when he stretches himself out in your lap and puts his paws over his nose?

I usually listen to my iPod before sleep when I climb into bed (and it also turns on at 7.25 in the morning to try and wake me gently) and try to sleep as soon as I get in there. But without fail, I always end up sleeping around an hour later than I would like to, or had originally intended to. I guess I always know I am sleeping at 11 when I aim for 10.

I’d love to come home late late and go straight to sleep, but that only really works on a 3am night (and that usually involves alcohol). Sometimes I’m tired from exercising or I’ve already fallen asleep on the couch, so bed is easy peasy.

But most nights? I have my mindless television cooldown.

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