Ice, ice baby


I knew I’d sleep in this morning.

I started my bar course last night. It was fun, but the tutor was one of those guys that would be neat to hang out with, but working for him would bring a constant string of “OMG-what-did-I-fuck-up-now-he’ll-yell-at-me-oh-no” thoughts into my head.

We learned about Scotch, Whiskey, Whisky, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Bourbon, Tennessee Whisky and Vodka, among others. The tasting was fun (drinking in class is now the only way to really LEARN in my books!), except the dark Rum made me well, retch.

But! I can now make you a White Russian, Black Russian (two versions), Tequila Sunrise, Vodka Sundowner or a Seabreeze. Go me!

Getting home at 10.45 was not really much fun, though, as I felt compelled to claim back some of my evening by watching Mad About You, then channel surfing while giving my cat a snuggle, and eating tuna on crackers. Good plan. Or not.

And then this morning? Hello 1 degree temperatures. Hello frozen car (the auto windows took several goes to open, they were frozen shut at the bottom seals). And when my hands touched the steering wheel I gave a little moan of discomfort before getting the bright idea of putting my gloves on.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. The gloves that had been in my car all night.

I didn’t think my hands would ever hurt like that inside gloves. But I was wrong.

Has winter always been this cold? Or is this a reverse effect of global warming? While our northern hemisphere friends are getting a warmer than average June, are we going to get a below-freezing winter? Will it actually snow in Wellington?

I’m not adverse to the idea.. as long as work is cancelled.

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