Worth the wait


You know when you want something really bad but it’s not in your hands? it’s up to circumstance, and other people, and probably God. But you wish you could control it anyway – or at least know the outcome.

What would life be if we knew the outcome? – if we knew we could fail, we might never try.

When there’s something you want, you work hard for it. You prepare and learn, put in extra time, think hard about how to get it. But you could still fall short. Someone else might get that job, that guy, that part.

Life is about choices and paths, but even if you make the right choice and go down the right path, will it lead where you want it to? Life never goes quite the way you thought it would, and that’s the beauty of it. It’s scary, but it’s life. Would you change it?

I can only do my best, go where I think I should, fill my life with good people. If I work hard, I should get results – even if they’re not what I was expecting. If I put myself in the right place, physically as well as mentally.. then maybe the right things will come my way and I’ll make the right decisions.

And if what you really want doesn’t work or doesn’t happen, I believe it’s because something even better is coming. Something worth the wait; worth the sacrifice.

But it’s hard to see it that way.. when you want it so much. Just gotta shoot until you score.

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