Round and round and round


So, Birthday Week is not going quite to plan. My work drinks tonight didn’t happen as I’ve been in bed the past few days.

With exhaustion. I know, ha bloody ha.

However, Tuesday night was a success – I saw David Gray for the 2nd time and he was spectacular once again. It was great. Tomorrow I am going to see Dylan Moran of Black Books fame, and I am really looking forward to that. Then I have Tuesday off, as it’s a national holiday here, and Wednesday is the birthday, with lunch and dinner planned. I have no idea what I’m getting, and I like that.

Though I’m also wary that I’m not getting anything at all. Shit, I need to drop more hints. Or just go shopping.

Karaoke is my plan for the Friday or Saturday night after my birthday, though I’m not sure whether I’m hiring a machine or going to a Karaoke bar. I’d love to hire one, so I may look into that.

I was also hoping for my EP to be in my hands, in some form, but I think that’ll be coming to me in May.

This is a very scattered entry! I will post again soon when I feel like I can actually write, versus jotting down notes. I hope you’re all well.

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