Notes from on holiday


Written on the 16th April while up in Taupo..

I lie on my bed in the centre, my head up against the wall, and read intently through my emails, site notes, code and fanfic, sipping chardonnay occasionally, almost absentmindedly from the wine glass. Sometimes it feels foolish to read of two imaginary characters in surreal, wishful scenarios, but people read books for this purpose, don’t they?

Earlier I was watching Buffy and eating potato chips from a cereal bowl, getting the sea salt flavouring ground into the sheets, and trying not to care.

I imagine that this is what my life will be like when I’m travelling with a full bag and the laptop; living in private hostel rooms and hotels, drinking mini-bar wine, hijacking unreliable wireless connections to check mail and bookings for my next destination.

A life of quiet solitude; of ins and outs. Of new people and places and a lot of time in my own head.

Each day I silently wish over and over for it to come sooner.

My birthday is less than 10 days away, with Birthday Week starting Tuesday night, and I have no gift requests or wishes. I have always lived my life feeling that money is merely a small hurdle and I have always found a way to buy the small unnecessary pleasures in life. A laptop, a camera, a new phone, an iPod. These things come to me by my own pocket, and I usually want for nothing but food and hours upon hours of sleep. Debt means nothing to me. Yet.

So to ask someone to treat me with something? I wish for creative gifts, for music or something fun. To think about what’s really important to me, and go with that.

And thanks for reading. That truly is a great gift. I love to write and share and I work hard in my creative endeavours. Thanks for being my fans.

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