Car karma


The loan car, which I have nicknamed Larry, is a Suzuki Baleno sedan. It smells like they tried to get out the smell of an old man who smoked for years, but failed. It doesn’t smell smokey, it smells weird. Old book mixed with air freshener in “musty” scent.

It has a tape player, which whines. Rather loudly. The speakers sorta fade in and out. I can’t adjust the side mirrors (at least, I can’t figure out how) and the angle of the driver’s seat, so I’m always sitting forward with no support or leaning back and driving in a very relaxed state.

It has a bit of grunt, and likes to growl. It has 88000kms on the clock, but sounds like it’ll go at least another 88000, which is comforting. I only need to go another couple of hundred while I’m driving it.

The driver’s side door never really sounds like it’s shut, so you hear a lot of wind noise. The brakes take their time to kick in. But it has a sun roof! I don’t know what I’ll get out of that, but hey! it’s also quite light to steer.

The seats are cushy and kinda fluffy. I’m wondering if I should take advantage of the 5 seats (I’m used to 4 in Suzie) and pick up 4 people on the weekend. Sunday drive, anyone?

I believe in car karma. I’ve been pampered driving nice cars for so long, it was about time I drove a dinger. I don’t mind.

Hell, next year I’ll have no car at all.

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