The last 5 songs


The last 5 songs on shuffle:

For A Song by Butterfly Boucher: Butterfly is awesome. And yes, that’s her real name. This track is a bonus song on her Flutterby CD, but it’s definitely worth the listen. Chris and I met her when she supported Sarah McLachlan last year, and we were the only ones in the audience cheering loudly like dorks for her. When we met her in the intermission, we gushed like little fangirls over her, and she was pretty neat.

Off the Hook by Barenaked Ladies: I am one of the few devoted Barenaked Ladies fans in New Zealand. Hell, am I the only one? (another good song). Probably. This song has such a catchy beat in the chorus, and Steve’s voice never fails to get a message through. I was very gleeful when I heard this track in the movie Sweet November. Go the Ladies! They need more soundtracks.

Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon: I think this is one of the best songs ever written. In fact, I love this album. I wonder where it is. Anyway, it’s an excellent observation on unrequited love. Do I sound like a reviewer now?

Song for Bernadette by Leonard Cohen (sung by Jennifer Warnes): My friend Randolph sent me Jennifer’s CD of Cohen songs many years ago, and it still gets play every now and then. This is one of those songs that sticks with you, even as it ages. It tells a story with soaring strings, and Jennifer’s voice can portray such subtle emotion.

Falling Free by David Gray: Any song that starts with “All of my senses overthrown, by the might of your skin” can’t be bad. This song is falling in love and having it completely take you over. It’s feeling dizzy and clouded and overwhelmed. It’s gorgeous. It’s the best feeling.

What’s coming up randomly on your iPod lately?

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