Bits and pieces


It took a few hours this morning for the drugs to kick in and my cramps to go away. It’s really hard to concentrate on work if you are trying to get comfortable. Unfortunately with me, I get lower back pain as well, so I was quite miserable until they took effect.

Today is drizzly and generally dreary, so I organised a ride to work this morning. My car is still with the insurance company, and I imagine that once it is assessed, they’ll be able to tell me when I can have it back. Because it was shunted so far forward upon impact, it may have chassy damage. I’m praying it doesn’t come to that.

I spent the weekend filming a short piece for a director friend of mine that is going to be involved in a comedy festival. I’m not a comedic actress, but I played the part to the best of my ability, and enjoyed the shoot. We filmed in this beautiful little italian restaurant in Wellington, and I have booked there for dinner for my birthday.

Partway through the shoot on the first day, we were interrupted by a loud musical horn. And then yelling. When I went out to investigate, we realised that we were in the direct path of an anti-war demonstration on their way to the US embassy. The restaurant owner came outside as well and draped her rainbow flag emblazed with “PACE” across her bicycle.

I spent both days reading in the moments I wasn’t needed, and I am very close to finishing Helter Skelter. It is a fascinating read.

Last night a group of us went to Hostel at the 8.50pm screening. The movie itself wasn’t that bad, and it had some amusing moments. But it was graphic to the point of disgusting, and even when I turned away and covered my eyes, hearing the boys cry, “Oh!” at the worst moments was a bit nauseating. I giggled at one point while watching Nick’s face go from “the hell?” to “oh dear Lord”. Chris had some excellent reactions as well.
So if you’re up for mindless violence..

When I arrived back at my parents’ place, my mother was waiting at the door. They’d had a prowler shortly before, and my brother had scared him off. So I fell asleep with the TV on again, and woke to its flicker this morning. I feel like going back to bed… at least until I get my car back.

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