Day Trip


I’m going over to Martinborough tomorrow for the fair if you want to come. Suzie has one more space in her.

It’s only an hour and a bit and over some very pretty rolling hills. The traffic might be a little backed up, but we’ll take lots of photos and listen to some good music on the way. I promise to bring lollies and drink, just don’t spill any in the back.

Once we get there and park in one of the fields, we can have a beautiful breakfast at the cafe. They have a wonderful eggs benedict. Then we can start going through the fair stalls. Bring cash, because there are only a few cash machines, and the lines are nuts most of the day. It’ll also probably be quite hot, as the Wairarapa gets some stunning weather, so bring a hat and maybe a bottle of water. Having a decent-sized bag helps, too, to store all your bought goodies in, and to bring all those little extras like gum and sunblock.

I have an SUV, so if you decide to buy something large, you can bring it back wedged between your knees. The boot isn’t huge, but can accommodate a little bit of overspending. Hell, it’s used to me.

So get an early night tonight and I’ll pick you up around 9. Bring a smile and maybe a mixed CD. We’ll have a good day.

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