Kitty kitty kitty..


My cats are very stubborn creatures. Mutley will not eat when Shadow is around. Shadow will push Mutley out of the way.

My family has had Mutley for hmm, 15 years. Shadow only came along around 7 or 8 years ago. For the first few, she was terrified of Mutley, which is understandable as he’s a scary cat with a bad temper. (I have scars).

However, lately he is acting his age. He’s getting a bit senile. A little bit weaker (but only a little, I have recent wounds). Shadow is taking advantage of this. She shoves him out the way now, and takes his food. And he doesn’t mind. He barely eats it all, anyway. But unless you stand over them, he sometimes misses out entirely.

An amusing moment from last night:

Here, Mut! Kitty kitty!

Both cats run in at full speed. I dish out their food. Shadow executes a deft shoulder shove to Mutley, who starts to creep away.

No.. come here. Mutley.

I grab him. I place him back in front of his dish, moving Shadow with my foot.

Eat your damn food. Come on. Stop being such a pussy.

Cue the pause, smirk and eyes roll. I’m such a dork.

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