Why I’m the worst slacker ever.


It’s the worst time of the year to be at work. There’s a skeleton staff on, so most members of your team are missing. The chatty people who talk to their fellow pod-dwellers all day long to avoid work now have to work.. and get a lot done. Those who are used to working alone (such as myself), get everything done so fast that they have to learn how to pace everything out to not bore themselves silly. At the moment, I can actually hear someone in Credit playing a game.

I’ve found myself going walk-about around the building in the afternoons. I go say hi to some of the Learning and Development team, who are sitting so far from everyone else, in the emptiest part of the building. Out of 4 pods of usually 5 or 6 people, there must be 4 people in the entire area.

Most of the time I’m surfing the web, writing emails, or shuffling papers. Because there’s so little to do (and little or no deadline on it), I’ve lost all motivation to work.

I’m covering my boss’ position, so I’m dealing with Managers I usually find a little scary. The main manager I’m reporting to at the moment is Irish and soft-spoken and strolls over to me so quietly that I don’t hear him until he’s right next to me, dropping papers into my tray. He’s also the kind of manager who would walk right up to you and say, “So. What’s that website you keep looking at?” with the tone of voice where you’d think you weren’t in trouble if you didn’t know any better. It makes Livejournal visits difficult (especially due to my LJ/friends list being bright pink) but I find that journals in simple black and white are often easy to pass off as a document. I’m becoming an expert at alt-tabbing out of there.

It’s funny when you get caught. I find that if there are pictures on a site and someone is suddenly behind me, I usually say something ridiculous like, “Oh, funny” and chuckle as I close the window. Why? So that they think I’ve just followed a link that a co-worker might have emailed me? It’s pretty stupid. Why would they care if that was the case – slacking off is slacking off. But it’s a reflex.. to make it look like you weren’t actually doing anything wrong.

And then there’s the sneaky ones who come up behind you from behind a pole or somewhere – and all of a sudden put their hands on your chair. I usually jump about 4ft in the air while they laugh at me. I get so defensive, too, like I’m allowed to slack and it’s their fault for seeing.

I know that an office is not my place, but I need the job until I decide where else I’m going and when. It’d probably be a good idea to try and keep the job as long as possible. So I need to become a better slacker… or I need to stop reading journals and editorials. Recaps. Long personal emails.

Or y’all need to stop being so entertaining.

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