And now I hide my head in shame.


I thought I’d share some embarrassing celebrity moments. You know, just to make you all feel better when you finally meet Paris Hilton and she doesn’t call you hot.

Maria from Sesame Street:
I was in the US working at a camp in upstate NY. Part of your camp duty was that you were rostered on to different jobs around camp a few nights a week, and towards the end of the summer I was rostered on to work in the canteen with a few of the Australians. We were serving pizza and icecream and it was also Visiting weekend, so we were serving the parents as well.

I noticed a familiar woman waiting in line. I nudged one of the guys:

Isn’t that Maria from Sesame Street?

Yeah. Her oldest kid goes here.


I moved over to another window and handed out some pizza and when I came back to the middle window, Maria was standing in front of me. She smiled and asked for strawberry.

Oooh hi.


You taught me the alphabet!


Greg Page (director):
I fell asleep on his set. I’d been up til 3am the night before in a right state, crying and such, and by the end of the filming day I just couldn’t stay awake. I believe my mouth hung open, too. He said he didn’t want to wake me. I was so embarrassed. That’s true proof of how messed up I felt before my partner left the country – I let it affect my work like that.

Bernadette Peters:
After I loitered around the stage door before the show, not daring to go near her (even though she was out there talking to a fan and I would have been much more coherent), I waited til after the show to try and meet her and get a picture. She’s only my idol and all. I’d only travelled right across the world to get to NYC/Broadway to see her in a show. (Oh if only I’d prepared myself). I believe it went something like this…



I’m from New Zealand. I love you. I want to do Broadway- *breaks down into sobs*

She’s only been standing out here crying for 15 minutes.

Oh, er..

Um. Can I get a picture?

Well, sure-

Kat turns awkwardly and points. Amy shoots. Bernadette moves on.

Wow, the professionalism. I guess everyone is a fangirl sometimes.

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