Random work thoughts


Just when I was thinking how much I would love a coffee, Andrew offered to get me one. I much prefer working with men than women. Women get so catty.

Men buy me coffee.

I was duped before into giving someone more change than they were needing. You see, I’m not good at Math. I’m pretty stupid, actually. When I worked in Retail it was easy as I sold products that were generally one price and I knew how much change they needed from each note. (I also later on had a cash register to tell me.

But if I offer someone change and they correct me, I generally go with what they said. Today I did, and it was wrong. I was right to start with. Huh. Oh well, a dollar.

Getting a simple equation done quickly in my head is a triumph for me. Others snort when I am gleeful about it. I am definitely one for small pleasures.

I find it hard to get through a work day (in a job I’m not that fond of) without finding some kind of joy in brief moments.

Moment of the day: Crossing off all but filing from my To Do list.

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