Diary of an insomniac


It took me over 3.5 hours to get to sleep last night. I’m not someone who goes to sleep that quickly anyway, but that long? It was after 2am when I must have finally dozed off. 5 hours sleep is no fun.

I tried everything. I tried watching a little more of the X Files. Lay there a while. Then I tried reading a bit. Lay there a while. Then I finally decided to get up and go to the bathroom. Then lay quietly thinking. My asthma was playing up (which is rare) and my mind was racing.

So I finally lay down with a big pillow and cuddled it to me. Would the warmth make me feel better? Nope, I felt crushed. I lay on my back and that wasn’t comfortable. I tried both sides. Then my stomach, which finally gave me some comfort, but felt weird on my ribcage.

I also felt a mix of hungry and nauseous. I hate that feeling. I usually get it when I have a flight or exam in the morning. But today I have nothing. Nothing but Wednesday.

And I’m literally falling asleep at my desk.

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