They’re trying to wash us away


It seems pointless for me to make a Katrina post. I wasn’t there. I have friends who have been seriously affected but they are alive; they’re gonna be okay. But my heart goes out to those who have lost everything… and I mean everything.

Think of the 5 things that mean the most to you in your home. Apart from your family there must be pictures, videos, treasured possessions. Sure, they’re only possessions, but it would hurt like hell. I can’t imagine losing my piano, my photoboards from the US, my box of letters from loved ones.

Over the next few weeks I can imagine that slowly everyone will be remembering more and more treasures. Going to look for something that isn’t there anymore. Returning to a house that just isn’t there anymore.

But that’s enough from me. These writers are more eloquent and closer to the hurt. They said it better.

Christastrophe: The situation as it stands


Hashai: Rained real hard..


This Is Not Over article: how they failed.


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